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client info Do You Qualify?
Ginger's Legacy cannot help everyone who comes to us because funds are limited and qualification is required. It is difficult to turn anyone away but there are times it is necessary. Before you apply or contact us, you can determine if you should meet the qualifications for financial assistance by answering a list of questions.
If the answer to any question below is NO, you will not qualify for assistance:
Do you live in Colorado?
client application form Is your pet spayed or neutered if over 1 year old?
  Has your pet been seen for a wellness exam in the last 12 months?
  Is your pet current on vaccinations recommended by your regular veterinarian?
  Is your pet's current medical need for an emergency medical treatment or emergency surgical procedure that is waiting for approval?
  Can you prove financial need by showing you are on Medicaid, receiving Public Assistance, receiving Social Security as your only income, recently lost your job and are unemployed or you are a member of one of the armed services? Documentation must be provided, if requested.
  If the answer to any question below is YES, you will not qualify for assistance.
  Was your pet already treated before application for approval?
  Can you qualify for CareCredit® or other financial assistance, including a payment plan with the treating veterinarian or your regular veterinarian?
  Is your pet's medical need treatment for cancer?
  Is your pet's medical need surgery for a non-emergency procedure?
  Is your pet's medical need treatment for a chronic condition that will require ongoing care?
  If your answers to the above questions indicate that you should qualify for our financial assistance, please discuss the rest of the criteria with the treating veterinarian. Have the treating veterinarian and your regular veterinarian complete their respective forms and complete your application.
  If you do not qualify, please check our website for links to other programs that might be available to help you.
  For more information or if you have questions, please contact The Cartwright Foundation for the Care and Treatment of Sick or Injured Animals.