nambeChanny has been saved twice. He was rescued from a dumpster by a man who found him wrapped in a plastic bag. The man gave Channy to his mother and he has been her constant companion ever since. One day, Channy was attacked by another dog and during the fight, his leg was broken. His human, a widow on Social Security, was unable to afford the cost of the surgery to fix Channy's leg and had no other option but to put him down. Fortunately, the Foundation intervened, paying for the surgery, which was performed by Dr. Kinsell. Channy is once again the constant companion of the woman who loves him.
cyclopsCyclops was a barn cat who had an accident that resulted in an eye infection. His owner decided that the cost to save Cy's eye was prohibitive and gave up the cat. Thanks again to financial aide from the Foundation, Cy has received two surgeries that saved his life, although he did lose his eye. He now has a new home and receives lots of tender loving care and he is flourishing.
diggerDigger is an indoor cat who, as most cats do, wanted to explore the outdoors. Unfortuantely for him, when he got out he was hit by a car. His owner was unable to afford the necessary surgery and was going to put him down, but the Foundation intervened and paid for the operation. His leg was amputated because the injury was too extensive to save the leg, but he is now doing fine and leading a happy life.
graceAs a single mother of four boys, one of whom is autistic, I was devastaed when Grace fell down some stairs playing with a neighbor's puppy and broke her leg. The boys were very upset, especially the one with autism because Grace acted as his therapy dog and helped him relate to the world. They were very attached and if I had to put her down it would create a large setback for him. I did everything I could to raise the necessary funds to pay for the surgery but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, my vet mentioned Ginger's Legacy. I contacted them and told them about my problem. During consultations between my vet and their consultant, it was determined that Grace qualified for assistance and the surgery was performed. She is now fully recovered and again playing with her boys.
harleyHarley was a four-month-old Labrador Retriever whose owner, a teenage boy, had worked all summer mowing lawns to afford to buy his dream dog. The boy had several siblings and his mother, a single parent, had told him she could not afford to buy him a dog. The boy managed to purchase Harley in June. Being a puppy, Harley played hard and developed a limp. His owner took Harley to the emergency room where it was discovered he had a broken hip.
The cost to fix the hip would have been $1000–$2000 and even though the owner said he would pay his mother back, they both knew she couldn't afford that much. They contemplated putting Harley down until the emergency room doctor told them about Ginger's Legacy. They contacted us and our consultant decided Harley was a good candidate. In cooperation with Elizabeth Animal Hospital, who gave us a discount on the hospital bill, and Dr. Christopher Morris, who donated his surgical fee, we were able to repair Harley's hip and send him home to his very happy owner.
juliusJulius is a male cat, and like many male cats, he developed cystitis. He was unable to urinate, a condition that can quickly kill a cat. His owners were responsible and took good care of Julius, but the treatment was just too much for their budget. Their vet contacted Ginger's Legacy. Once we determined that Julius was a good candidate for treatment, we helped the owners with the bills. Now Julius is home and healthy and everybody is happy.
leahWhen Leah was four months old, both her front legs were broken. The family was unable to get her legs fixed because the father had recently lost his job and they were in danger of losing their home. All their extra money goes to the care of their daughter, who is disabled. When the doctor told the family the cost to repair Leah's legs would be $6000, they contemplated putting her down. Fortunately, they found Ginger's Legacy. Thanks to Dr. Christopher Morris, Ginger's Legacy medical director, they were able to fix Leah's legs at a fraction of the cost. She made a complete recovery.
lokiThis is Loki and she is a very sweet kitty.When she was staying with a petsitter when her parents were out of town, she broke her leg. Her parents noticed that she was limping when they returned and immediately took her to the vet. The doctors discovered the broken leg and recommended surgery. Her parents could not afford the surgery because they were soon to have a child and all the extra money was going to purchase articles for the new baby. Her parents were very upset. The doctor was very impressed with the family, especially that although their finances were stretched, they were willing to pay as much as they could afford. Having heard about Ginger's Legacy, the doctor contacted us. We agreed that the family met our requirements and the surgery was performed. Loki recovered completely and her parents were very grateful.
micaMica was the Foundation's first client. He was presented to the emergency room with a blocked ureter and a ruptured bladder. He required emergency surgery to save his life but his owners could not afford it as they had just paid for emergency surgery for their dog. Luckily, they were referred to the Foundation because their veterinarian kenw they were responsible pet owners that were just caught in a financial bind at the time. After consultation with the Foundation doctors, it was agreed that Mica was a good candidate and the surgery, performed by Dr. Hess, was done. He is now a happy, healthy cat, a good friend to his dog friend, and a joy to his owners.
miniMini is a small poodle mix who had a broken leg. Her father couldn't afford the surgery necessary to repair her leg so treatment with splints was attempted. Unfortunately, this did not work and euthanasia was contemplated. Luckily, Mini's vet had heard about Ginger's Legacy and contacted us. We had Mini evaluated by our vet and it was decided that she was a good candidate for surgery. It was performed and Mini is doing great and her father is enjoying her company.
nestaNesta is a Chesapeake Bay retriever. He was adopted by a loving couple who took their responsibility very seriously. When he was adopted he was skinny and sickly, but with loving care he soon became a bundle of energy, so much so that he had an accident and sliced through his Achilles tendon. Surgery was performed and he was progressing well until he tore the ligament again. This time the surgery was performed with mesh reinforcement.
Nesta was taken to special obedience classes to better control his hyperactivity and was doing well until he spied a moose. He broke away from his father, who was walking him off leash, and when he came back he was limping. He had done it again. At this point his parents had drained their finances, although they were still trying to find a way to help him. His surgeons were now donating their services as they felt these owners deserved some help. Nesta had his third surgery with even stronger reinforced mesh. He also received a treatment of stem cells as this was felt to be the best chance of saving the leg. Nesta was then placed on a mild sedative to keep his activity down while he continued with his obedience classes.
When the owners were told that Nesta needed yet a second does of stem cells and what the cost would be, they contact Ginger's Legacy to see if we could help. After consultation with his doctor we learned that the surgery would be pro-bono, the stem cells were being donated, and that the only cost would be for treatment. The doctor spoke highly of Nesta's parents and all their efforts to help him. The doctor was sure that this would be the last treatment Nesta would require for a full recovery. We agreed to help. Nesta is doing well and continues with his training.
scruffyScruffy's first owners kept him chained outside in all weather, but Scruffy wanted better and kept running away for months at a time. After he ran away the third time, he was dognapped and brought to Colorado and given to a couple with four kids who love him very much. While playing with the kid's jacks ball, he swallowed it, causing an intestinal blockage that required emergency surgery. His owners couldn't afford to pay the cost, but after consulting with the Foundation's doctors, the Foundation picked up the tab. Scruffy is once again his mischievous self and you can be assured that the jacks ball is now out of his reach.
tinkerbellTinkerbell is an Italian Greyhound who was playing with her owner's little sister in the back of the family pickup with their other dog. The other dog jumped down and Tinkerbell tried to follow but landed wrong and broke both front legs. The family didn't have the funds to have the legs repaired because the father had lost his job and they were facing foreclosure on their home.They contacted us and we were able to help. Dr Morris and Elizabeth Animal Hospital donated much of the supplies and expertise needed. Tinkerbell had a very long recovery of more than 7 months and required multiple surgeries. He is now doing well.
tobyToby is a male cat, and like many male cats, he developed cystitis. He was unable to urinate, a condition that can quickly kill a cat. His owners were responsible and took good care of Toby, but the treatment was just too much for their budget. Their vet contacted Ginger's Legacy. Once we determined that Toby was a good candidate for treatment, we helped the owners with the bills. Toby was sent home healthy and everybody is happy.
tykeTyke, a Chihuahua, was six years when he was kicked by a horse while out in the pasture with his owner. Because the owner was unable to pay for the surgery, splinting was chosen as an option. It did not work. Luckily his owner was told about Ginger's Legacy. After consultation with the Foundation's medical director, Dr. Christopher Morris, surgery was performed. Tyke is doing great and is expected to make a full recovery. The Foundation is grateful to the surgeon for donating his services and Elizabeth Animal Hospital for discounting its fees. Because of this, the Foundation ws able to pay all expenses for Tyke.

weekoWeeko was hit by a car and his back leg was shattered. He is my constant companion wo when my vet told me it would cost thousands to repair the leg, I was devastated because I couldn't afford to have the surgery done. Because my vet could not do this type of surgery anyway, she referred me to the Colorado State Veterinary School. I took Weeko there and was told that the surgery would indeed cost thousands and that they could not guarantee it would be successful. They recommended amputation as an alternative because it would be less expensive and more affordable. Unfortunately, the cost of the amputation was also out of my range and I had to consider putting him down. Before that decision was made, I was told about Ginger's Legacy. I told them about my problem and was told that Weeko qualified for assistance. The amputation was performed and Weeko has fully recovered and is back to his old self. I am so thankful to have found Ginger's Legacy and the financial assistance I needed to save my dog's life! Weeko is now happy and healthy with only three legs.

zapZap was a stray who had been electrocuted. We're not sure how and he ain't talkin'. He was never claimed and was going to be euthanized. Luckily, financial aide was available and surgery was performed to amputate what remained of his left ear and left hind leg. It was not long before he was fully recovered and is now living in a new home where he is doing great.