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vet with kitten In order for you to determine if your client qualifies for assistance, please review the following requirements:
1. The primary, but not exclusive, goal is to serve those pet owners who reside in the Denver Metro Area.
2. The pet's prognosis must be good if treatment is given. This excludes terminal illnesses/conditions, chronic and acute or chronic conditions.
3. Avoid the flat out "I cannot pay" and focus on those who ask for options. Please use your best judgment based on your experience and intuition.
4. An estimate has been prepared and it has been determined that the pet’s owner cannot pay the full cost.
client application form
client referral form
regular vet information
treating vet information
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5. This pet's owner has met all the criteria required by the foundation—spayed or neutered, current on wellness exam and recommended vaccinations. The regular veterinarian will verify with a separate sheet given.
6. Client understands and agrees to their financial responsibilities should they be approved:
  the pet owner must pay the initial $300.00,
  the Foundation will pay up to an additional $500.00 for medical treatment and/or $1,000.00 for surgical treatment,
  if treatment cost exceeds these amounts the Foundation may pay 50% of any additional charges up to a maximum total payment of $750.00 for medical treatment and/or $1,500.00 for surgical treatment, and
  the pet owner will be responsible for any additional costs.
7. Client understands their post-treatment care responsibilities.
8. If all these requirements have been met, please have the client fill out the application form.
9. One of the Foundation's Veterinarian Medical Consultants should be contacted prior to treatment for consultation and authorization of any financial assistance. All information should be provided to the Medical Consultant by fax if possible.
  Medical consultants for the Cartwright Foundation are:
  Dr. Chris Morris—303-489-3810
  Dr. John Hess —303-693-7387 or 303-888-8145
  Dr. Kim Allyn —303-646-2190, 303-243-0801, or 303-646-8891
  Dr. Clint Kinsell —621-2054, 303-648-3392, or 303-425-8538
10. Once you have consulted with a Foundation Medical Consultant, The Foundation will need the Treating Veterinarian to provide the following information in order for us to consider financial assistance:
  a. qualifying information provided by the pet's Primary Veterinarian,
  b. a treatment outline of anticipated care,
  c. The estimated cost of the treatment to be provided,
  d. The pet's expected prognosis, and
  e. The client's financial application for assistance.
  Please include the following information along with the application: the treating veterinarian's name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.
11. If treatment is approved, the Foundation should be provided with the complete medical record and invoice upon discharge. The Foundation would like a photo of the pet, if possible, for our records.