nambeNambe was the Ginger's Legacy mascot and she was the best there was. She visited hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, or anywhere else that would help the Legacy cause. Even when she got very old, she still managed to keep a full schedule, delighting adults and children with her gentle personality. Nambe didn't reserve her love just for people, she was very fond of other animals and had a great liking for cats. Nambe continued to support the Legacy cause in her own special way until the very end.
amberAmber was a loving horse who would always come to you, but who also had a mind of her own. She didn't enjoy being ridden, but if I insisted she was the most patient and gentle horse you could ever find. I could put anyone on her and she would know how good a rider they were and go according to each rider's ability. I could trust her with anyone and never had to worry that she would buck them off. She was also a very good mother. She had three foals and would take each one around the pasture to show them everything so they would not get into trouble.Even when her children got older, she remained the alpha horse in all things; they always let her be the boss. When she died they were by her side and made sure everything was done right by her. They loved her very much, as did I. Donations have been made in memory of a very special horse by Arlene Stolte, and Chris and Kathy Morris.
banditBandit was a rescue donkey from China Lake. The Navy said the wild horses and donkeys had to be removed or they would be bombed because they lived on the Navy practice bombing range. NOHA rescued the animals and put them up for adoption. Bandit was adopted as a companion for new foals to keep them happy when they were weaned. He performed this task magnificently, raising three Quarter Horses. He always retained his wild spirit, never wanting anything to do with his new owner, but he adored children. He remained in his new surroundings until his death.
bizmarkBizmark was the best huntin' buddy around. He was a Dachshund mix that lived with Labrador Retrievers and was great at flushing rooster pheasants. He got a special ride in his dad's vest if there were too many stickers, though. He was the boss of all the dogs and shared almost 14 years with us.

charbonneCarbonne (aka Char) came to us as a darling little seven-week-old pup. She was an extremely talented and high energy hunting dog and special friend. She knew how to relax after a hard day of work digging in the garden with her dad, too. We lost her way too soon after only 10 years.

dinkyDinky was a world-wide traveler and a true Houdini. Born in Germany, she traveled with her human to the United States and to Japan, where she escaped from her traveling cage at the Haneada International Airport and had fun romping around the runways until she grew tired and returned to her cage. Returning to the States, she lived in Elizabeth, Colorado, continuing her escapades until she died when she was hit by a car after 15 years of adventures.
freewayI had Freeway for more than 14 years and his love helped save my life when I was suffering from necrotic faciatis, a condition that has a 95% mortality rate. For an entire month, the home nurses would come to give me IV antibiotic treatments and change the surgical dressings. Every time, Freeway would watch them like a hawk to make sure they did everything right. He would get up on my lap and stay there during the entire procedure, keeping me company and giving me love when I needed it most. Although he suffered from allergies for the final 12 years of his life, he never lost his spirit. He will always be my friend. Donations made by his good friends Arlene Stolte, and Chris and Kathy Morris.
gizmoGizmo was an adventurous dog, acquiring this habit from his predecessor. He loved to escape from the back yard and roam the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he would stay away for hours and refuse to be caught. He had numerous escapes from death with Acquired Hemolic Anemia, but finally succumbed to Addison's Disease at home, lying next to his human. He is greatly missed.
luciLuci was a 15-year-old Doxie who lost her home because her owner was ill. Given up for adoption, she was welcomed into a family of four other dogs. Luci was a happy and clever Doxie exhibiting all the traits inherent with her breed. She quickly became a member of the family and, even though she suffered from chronic pancreatitis, was never at a loss to get into mischeif. Unfortunately, she died of cancer much too soon. She is greatly missed by her original owner and her adoptive family.
Magellan was the best friend I ever had! A friend for 13 years. Caring, loving, non-judgmental, and always greeting me with love and kisses. I rescued Magellan and brought him home to my Elizabeth ranch. When he first arrived, he would explore the whole neighborhood, giving me a fright because I thought I had lost him. But, after all his explorations, he decided he had it pretty good with me and decided to make the ranch his forever home.
I decided to call him Jelly because he always stuck by me (like jelly on a peanut butter sandwich). He would mold to me or anyone who came to visit. He would give his love and never left my side. Old age and tumors eventually set in and at 14 years of age he just was old. When he could no longer get up and was in constant pain, I had to put him down out of love. I did not want him to suffer after so many years of devotion and friendship.
He was and always will be my best friend. I love and miss him every day.
ralpphRalph was very special. He was the boss of the household and his internal clock kept track of when it was time to do something and what that something was, especially when it was time for meds or biscuits. If you tried to ignore him, he would bark and stare untill you gave in.He was also my 55-pound lapdog. He thought he was small, like his "brothers" Freeway and Miles, and was convinced that my lap belonged to him. When he made up his mind that he wanted to be in my lap, there he was and there he stayedfor hours, or until I had to get up. It was hysterical to watch him work his way into this privileged position. He is greatly missed. In loving memory by Jean Arnold.
In memory of a mother from her son.
In loving memory from Debora and Robert Bennett (no picture available).