ginger with friends
I first saw Ginger when she appeared in my pasture while I was feeding my horses. She looked lost. She was underweight and had a very scared look in her eyes. She had no tags and appeared to be a stray. As it was about time for me to go to work, I placed her in my back yard and thought I would find where she had come from when I got home. While at work I decided if I couldn't find her owners I would keep her and call her Ginger. When I got home she was gone. I assumed her owner had seen her and taken her.
A few weeks later my neighbor asked me if I wanted the dog that had been in my back yard. It seemed that friends had asked him to find her a home because they could not have dogs in their apartment. She was not allowed to bark because the landlord would know there was a dog in the apartment and would ask the people to leave. I told my neighbor I would take her and asked her name. He said it was Ginger. That did it. I was destined to have her.
I took her to the vet and was told she was probably 2 years old and had been neglected. With shots and a good report card, she came home and fit right in with my other dogs. It was two years before she uttered her first bark. When she did it, she turned to look at me as if to ask, "Is this OK?" It took a few weeks more before she got on the furniture. When she did, she looked at me as if she was going to be beaten. I told her it was OK and she finally realized she was home.
I had never had a dog like her. She followed me everywhere and watched my every move. I had her for 14 years before she died of cancer. I still miss her very much.
Ginger's Legacy was founded in her memory.